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  • Nam Tok Moo

    Nam Tok Moo Thinly grilled pork slices sit atop mixed greens, shallots, scallions, mint lives, toasted rice powder. A sweet and sour lime dressing completes this tasty plate of goodness.

  • Larb Chicken (Eastern Thai Style)

    Larb Chicken (Eastern Thai Style) Fresh shallots, scallions and minced chicken get blended with Thai herbs and hit the wok at about 650 degrees, mixed with a zesty lime sauce and served…

  • Yum Nua

    Yum Nua Thinly sliced grilled beef, combined with fresh carrot, cucumber, tomato, scallions all get tossed in a zesty lime sauce and placed on a bed of greens. It’s Yummy!

  • Papaya Salad

    Papaya Salad This is a centuries old family recipe of the 3 Sisters (Pik, Apple, Bim) they grew up making this dish with their mom and selling it in their local village.…