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  • Red Curry

    Red Curry A classic curry with bamboo, bell pepper, carrots and balanced with coconut milk. Pairs great with our Plum Sake or an ice cold Singha.

  • Thai Yellow Curry

    Thai Yellow Curry Thai Yellow Curry seasoning gets combined with cumin, cinnamon, coconut milk, onion, potato and carrots. Topped with Fresh Avacado (in season). This is a filling and flavorful dish.

  • Panang Curry

    Panang Curry Another authentic 3 Sisters family recipe. Strong flavors of cardamom, bay leaves and cumin get blended with coconut milk, green bean, bell pepper and carrots.

  • Masaman Curry

    Masaman Curry Fragrant and Flavorful!!! House made peanut butter sauce combined with creamy coconut, potato, carrot and onion. This is a must try!!

  • Green Curry

    Green Curry Coconut milk, green curry, bamboo shoots, onions, bell pepper and Thai Basil leaves. This dish is a family recipe that the 3 Sisters brought straight from Thailand. It is packed…