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  • Crispy Calamari

    Crispy Calamari Fresh squid coated in a seasoned panko then fried to golden perfection.

  • Lettuce Wraps

    Lettuce Wraps House made Thai chili sauce gets drizzled over minced chicken, cucumber, carrot, mushroom, cilantro and green onion. Seared to perfection in a 650 degree wok. Served with a quarter head…

  • Crab Rangoon

    Crab Rangoon Fresh lump crab, cream cheese, minced veggies get wrapped in a crispy wonton shell and fried to perfection. This is another house special of the 3 Sisters. Pairs great with…

  • Fresh Roll

    Fresh Roll Rice noodles, Fresh Thai Basil, crispy lettuce, shredded carrots get hand rolled into a clear rice wrapper. Made to order, your choice of chicken, shrimp, or tofu. Served with house…

  • Coconut Shrimp

    Coconut Shrimp Large butterflied shrimp get coated in a panko and coconut blend then deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Pairs great with our house white wine or a Mango Moscato.

  • Satay

    Satay Fresh chicken tenderloins marinated in our savory sauce, sliced into bite size pieces, skewered and grilled to a golden brown. Thai Street Food at its best.

  • Gyzo (Pot-Stickers)

    Gyzo (Pot-Stickers) A blend of chicken, pork and veggies are stuffed inside these tender pillows of goodness and fried to a golden brown. Can be steamed if desired, just let your server…

  • Crispy Spring Rolls

    Crispy Spring Rolls Rolled fresh daily by the 3 Sisters, this vegetarian delight has become our most popular appetizer. Served with our house made sweet and sour sauce.

  • Shrimp in a Blanket

    Shrimp in a Blanket Succulent shrimp wrapped in a wonton wrapper, fried to a crispy golden brown, served with plum sauce. Yum!!!