Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey and now its time to share the journey with you. The owners, Larry and Pik met a few years ago and have been inseperable

ever since. They both have roots in food and have combined their talents to bring 

you Nai Thai.

Pik grew up in a small village in Northeasten Thailand called Maha Sarakham. She spent her early school years helping her mother sell Papaya Salad to other people in the village. This is how they paid to put her and her 3 sisters through school. Pik would get up early to help her Mother prepare these dishes and then run home from school at lunch time to fill the food orders from her teachers. She would run all the way back to school with her Mothers fresh made Papaya Salad and fill the orders. This one salad became so popular that people still speak of it today. Pik would be happy to make some for you, just tell her how hot would like it.

Larry spent his last 2 years of high school at a Joint Vocational School for food service. After high school he joined the US Navy where he spent 15 years. Since retiring from the Navy Larry has spent his time working for National/International full service restaurant concepts. He has been trained in everything from Classic, full service, formal dining and quick service. He has always enjoyed cooking for friends and family. He hopes to utilize his experience to provide you with an exceptional experience that has you coming back again and again

Nai Thai will bring you authentic Thai dishes, as hot or as mild as you like. You will see daily specials that will consist of Classic American Comfort food. You will also find unique Asian Fusion dishes that blend the best of classic Thai, Asian and American. They all are superb and you will not be disappointed.   

Why Us?

Not only will you find authentic Thai food, combined with some Asian favorites, we will also surprise you with some amazing classic American Comfort food straight from Larry's mom's recipes.